This is Thursday, February 24th, 2022, 11:30 PM, I was comfortably in my pooh jammies, leg and foot wrapped in my cozy comforter on the phone laughing — about ready to go to sleep when I felt the earth below me shaking loudly. My first gut instinct was that it was an earthquake and I was about to run for it, but the rumbled was drawn out and long enough and I realized that a tree had run into our house. All the world stopped for me in that split second as I realized that any second a tree might come through the house and I wouldn’t have time to run for it and my life would be over. That phrase that people say — my life flashed before my life — was true in the momment. Sounds dramatic but it honestly could have happened.

Today is Monday February 28th, 2022, and I live to tell a story. On Thursday February 24th,2022, an ice storm iced most of our area- freezing rain surrounded our area, and while this tree from the outside seemed relatively healthy, I’m assuming it bent to the weight of frozen ice all around.

Honestly, words can’t captivate what I felt that night. While everyone says I have a very mild demeanor and dont often show anything other than peace and calmness, the very thought of had this tree trunk fallen perhaps another 5 ft diagonally, I would have been crushed and injured under the weight of the tree — scares me. Miraculously the tree stem fell perfectly centered and lodged in between houses — while both houses suffered significant exterior damages, no one was hurt from either house.

I’m sorry this short story isn’t my usual kicks and giggles post (if you’re here on my page for kicks and giggles, click on any other post and I hope it’ll make you giggle), but this post serves a solem reminder to me , to my fellow followers ( whoevers actually reading my writting) — to not take anything for granted, including waking up the next morning. Sometimes especially of the late, it easily feels at times that I’ve personally been going through motions, and going through mundane life tasks without much joy, without much reason or rhyme but just going through things and meeting expectations set by society and by others without much thought. It shouldn’t have taken a tree to fall and an almost very serious injury to wake me to my senses that I allowed my familiarity with life to dull my perspective of life, but it did. Then, magically with no words left to say, as if Pastor knew exactly what I was thinking from this weekends event ; my thoughts couldn’t have been summed up better than this weekend’s quote from Pastor Paul David Tripp:



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