The Story of Mr. Grumpy Pants on a 90 degree summer hot day.

Nicole H.
2 min readAug 8, 2022

When you know someone too well to know that theres something wrong…

Within 5 minutes of our meeting “ I made a mistake..”

(Of course you did … you look grumpy…) “Okay, what did you do? What happened?”

I let you into my garage last night and then I had my garage clipper in my pants and I accidentally dropped it underneath my car seat. Its gone forever — its not possible to retrieve it the seats too low to retrieve it. I lost my ID badge there like 6 months ago too and its just gone. The lesson I learned was to not let you into my garage and take out my garage clipper. (Whatttttt)

Okay… is it okay if I see your car? Can I see what you're talking about ? I have a hard time picturing what you are talking about.

I shine the flashlight right in and immediately found the ID badge… Pull it out. Found your ID badge. ( me thinking… did this boy even look for it or just wanted a new ID badge JK LOL) “Oh!”

“I’m not seeing the garage clipper though — and you’re right the seat is pretty tight to the floor. This car seems to be super helpful… just like it is to carry an air fryer back home… Do you mind moving your seat forward a bit to see if I can see it?”

After moving the seat forward, I shine the flashlight in, and still dont see the garage opener. As I verbally state that I unfortunately still dont see the opener, Mr. Grumpy Pants had a “I told you” look on his face. But at the same time I looked at his face and verbally said I couldn’t find it visually, I had also stuck my hand down the open space as a last ditch resort while looking at him and patted around and actually managed to pat it and find the rectangular object. Just as I finished saying I couldn’t find it visually I pulled my hand out of the seat cracks and all he could muster was a OH. YAY.

And Mr. Grumpy Pants became a Mr. Smiley Pants. And the world was round again.

Post Story ask: Sooo what did we learn?

“That my car has more storage space than we originally thought. It can fit stuff under the seat toooo!” #Facepalm