Spawning Pikachus

Nicole H.
3 min readAug 3, 2022


I’ve been making some paper crafts for some time now.
B: OOOhhhh you should get this pikachu template . We can make one for my brother, one for your brother, one for…. then one for your front door and one for myself

Me: If I do… you’re going to help make some right?

B: Yeah!

A few weeks later…. before I knew Cricut could cut AND print AND fold. ( Not so low key advertisement and shout out for how AWESOME Cricut is) B is over and insists on cutting all the pieces at once instead of cutting piece by piece and gluing. Cuts maybe 3 sheets/ 17 and gives up because his scissors aren’t ergonomically friendly. So much for helping me!!! Then I discovered Cricut is awesome… and he put together half a face in an hour and then went home. Sorry -He’s still going to have to do his own if he wants his own. But in the meanwhile Ive been spawning Pikachus. And now that I know how simple it is to make… get ready world.. I’ll be designing my own templates in a few months with my own models =D

Starting to give away my spawning Pikachus:

A as shes driving back home with her handpicked pikachu:

I shared the fact that A was going to buckle Pikachu in her car with family, and B2 sends this photo with no caption.

M: “Haha, New Scenery, Instead buckle it up, its sitting and watch the traffic.” For those that dont know where this window is in the house- this is the prime window that faces out from the basement to the sidewalk in the entire neighboorhood — and everybody driving by can see Pikachu staring out.

I share the buckling and the traffic scenery comment to B.


Update: Apparently one of my co workers follows my blogs and it notifies you with emails every-time I post?