If you know you know. 10 Year high school reunion was quite interesting.

To be honest, I was on the fence to go. Being a hard INFJ (after years of multiple retesting), the label for every Myers Briggs article ive ever read states that I’m a “walking paradox”. In high school, that walking paradox me looked like the nerdy girl who may have cared a little too much about grades and kept her nose in the books with no fashion sense what so ever. Though I had a handful of people I would call friends, if i’m honest, I dont think I ever felt I made a deep connection with most of my classmates. Not to the fault of anyone at all. I missed the 5 year high school reunion because I didn’t feel the need to go — but at the 10 year, I was extremely curious.

Everyone grew up and was mature and nice. 10 years makes a huge difference. Over the course of a decade, I learned how to network and not be that shy girl in the corner anymore and mingle — Thanks UP for encouraging me to get out there. I heard extremely interesting stories — including a skateboarder guy who became a software engineer — and is a self proclaimed traveling nomad for half the year in a pick up truck where he rigged a hot shower propane and showers out of his pick up truck. It was nice to learn what people were up to and how much 10 years could change a person.

Cheers to the guy whos name I still didn’t catch — because the moment I walked in the bar he gave me a big bear hug and said Hi Angel! and I look at him and he looks at me… and goes you’re not Angel are you .. I’m like Nope and walk away awkwardly…… Sorry I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you bro.. I didn’t recognize you at all haha.




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Nicole H.

Nicole H.

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