Hot Air Balloons

Nicole H.
3 min readSep 19, 2022


In the hype of Social Media — its been easier to find or hear about events via Facebook/ Instagram. However, chances are if you hear about it on social media, so does every other person in the area. I love a good eat — but I realized after 3x going to an Asian night Market for good food — and coming out empty handed/still hungry -that so does every other person in this area.

I figured that Hot Air balloons isn’t food so it might not be as popular. And again! I was wrong.

Saturday September 19th, I was not free to go to the 2 day event. But I got a text from a friend who went around 5PM and said that she was #666 in line to get onto the Hot Air Balloon ride. Not going to lie the price was a bit hefty for going up like 50 ft in the air or something too so I was already weary.

Sunday September 20th had been blocked off for going to the Hot Air Balloon Rides. But after hearing my friend was already #666 in line Saturday — I didn’t think very highly of the event. Plus I heard from others who drove by around 3 PM that there was not a single balloon up. Another friend already bought tickets so I was going to go with them but decided to go to lunch instead. They said they were going to go hiking beforehand but they decided to go Kayaking in a place that I wasn’t able to rent kayaks so I opted not to go too. At about 6 PM they went and they were placed as #1094 in line to ride the hot air balloons. At this point I’m glad I didn’t pay the entrance fee to go. I was still curious though so I opted to take my drone out to fly around the perimeters around 8 PM thinking I could get footage of the balloons going up and down. I flew it up in the corner and parked in the air waiting for a balloon to go up — At this point there were only 3 inflated balloons. I heard there were 6 max total. Nothing happened after I drained about a quarter of my battery in my drone so about 5 minutes in air. Just lots of flashing lights on and off. So I parked my drone and called my friend to ask what was going on since he was supposedly inside. He didn’t answer so I went to nearby Ross and CVS and found these really adorable Snoopy Fall Mats that I wanted to buy until I realized that the line to check out stretched all the way to the end of the store. So I put it back and went back out to look at the ballooons at which point — there was only 1 balloon inflated.

My friend got back to me via text at this point and said that he was driving home earlier so missed my call. Apparently they stopped flying due to “wind”. EXCUSE ME. What wind…. my tiny drone that weights 249 grams got up there and was parked with NO WIND warning sign — and believe me that thing is so sensitve. WHAT WIND prevented a HUGE BALLOOON from going up 50 feet in the air if my TINY DRONE can get up there parked for 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I”m not that Livid but I really thought that was funny. End of story.